Shopping Safari Tours

We have a range of guided shopping tours in Edinburgh to suit the one that reflects your unique style. As these shops have quirky opening times it lets us organise safaris to different areas of the city while offering the concept on offer.


Classic Cocktail Safari

Meander through the labyrinth of vintage shopping in Edinburgh with its mix of elegant architecture, peppered with cafés, boutiques, and an eclectic mix of delightful charity shops...  more  

Bargain Hunters’ Safari

The Bargain Hunters’ Safaris brings vintage shopping in Edinburgh well away from the well-worn tourist areas, only visiting charity shops in areas of the city where local people li...  more  

Deluxe Safari

The Deluxe Safari visits retro and vintage shopping in Edinburgh, particularly good for the passionate vintage fashionista seeking to create their own style.  more  

Super Safari

Mix and match two types of safaris for an all-day trip of vintage shopping in Edinburgh. Lunch stop included.  more  

Exclusive Safari

These are tailor-made Edinburgh guided shopping tours. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll seek it out to make a memorable experience.  more  

Urban Walking Safari

A tour exploring Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Most tours only cover the area around Edinburgh Castle but this tour goes off the beaten track exploring hidden spots and secrets of one of...  more