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The meaning of Shopping Safaris

The word safari was first used in English in 1850 by explorer Richard Burton, it is a Swahili word meaning ‘overland journey’ originating from Arabic ‘Safar’ meaning a journey, trip, tour, or quest.

We recognise everyone is different, especially those who love a rummage in a charity shop or a perusal in a vintage store. We have a range of guided shopping tours in Edinburgh to suit the one that reflects your unique style. As these shops have quirky opening times it lets us organise safaris to different areas of the city while offering the concept on offer. Join us on tour and meet new people and make new friends who share similar passions, such as ethical shopping, fair trade, recycling, and helping charities and saving the planet.

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Classic Cocktail Safari

The charity and retro route.

These routes are a mix of charity shops and retro vintage shops. Meander through the labyrinth of Edinburgh’s streets with its mix of elegant architecture, peppered with cafés, boutiques, and an eclectic mix of delightful charity shops, as well as Edinburgh’s oldest retro thrift shop.

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Bargain Hunters’ Safari

Get off the beaten track!

Like a real bargain and love to get off the beaten track? These safaris are well away from the well-worn tourist areas, only visiting charity shops in areas of the city where local people live, shop and work.

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Deluxe Safari

Retro and vintage only.

This safari visits retro and vintage shops only. This is for the passionate vintage fashionista seeking to create their own style. Can you find a designer deal on your retro quest?

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Super Safari

Shop 'til you drop!

This is for those who love to shop ‘til you drop. Mix and match two types of safaris for an all-day trip. Lunch stop included. Price dependant on mixes.

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Exclusive Safari

Tailor-made shopping tour.

These are tailor-made Edinburgh guided shopping tours. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll seek it out to make a memorable experience. It is best to email directly to arrange an Exclusive Safari:

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*Exclusive Safari price on request.

Vintage Shopping Tour in Edinburgh and Scotland Birthlink charity shop in Edinburgh

Vintage Shopping Tour in Edinburgh and Scotland woman searching through clothing rail in a charity shop in Edinburgh

Vintage Shopping Tour in Edinburgh and Scotland Aquarius charity shop in Edinburgh item display

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