My story 

My name's is Julie Ann Thomason, I was born and raised in Edinburgh capital of Scotland, and it is where I currently live. I have lived in different places; I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of Wales, and I was offered a contract to teach English as a foreign Language in Spain for nine months. I fell in love with Spain and remained for 23 years living initially in Madrid but mostly in the North of Spain in the Rioja wine region. I am a fluent Spanish speaker. 

I returned home to look after my father, not planning to settle but the banking crisis made me change life path again. I settled back in Edinburgh seeing my home city in a new light led me to explore guiding as a new career, a move I have never regretted. History has always fascinated me, especially Edinburgh and Scotland. I love my home city and like introducing visitors to the quirky less well-known aspects of the city, I love it because its sociable, you get to meet people from everywhere and all walks of life 

Since settling in Edinburgh, I have travelled to places in Europe but stretched my wings and visited India, Argentina, Cape Verde and Morocco. My bucket list is long, and would be delighted to hear your suggestions, and share our travel stories.

Alongside travelling I love to cook, and I'm a serious foodie and have lead food tours in Scotland for several years. Want to know more about our infamous national dish haggis, don't be shy, ask me. I am an avid reader I love everything from a classic who dun it to award winning literary fiction. I write fiction, compose, and perform poetry. During covid restrictions I took advantage of the down time to work on my writing and have had some poems published both in 2020 and 2021. I am a when life gives you lemons make lemonade person.