Bitter winds batter brittle barren basalt, 

clearing clinging clouds, blanket mists,

exposing lingering liquid layers of dusk and dawn.

Hungry haars embracing, shrouding,

A city set in stone, styled in stone.


Outlying peppered between the braes,

a cacophony of tons,

beacons like bike wheel laid.

Protecting, warning citadel on rock.

City of bridges city of hills.


Beauty and elegance flirt and tease,

through every close, at every corner

with every turn, rain washed,

rain soaked, dimmed by drizzle.

A city of heights, a city of stairs.


History hewed in crags and lands,

All their own tales to tell

Homes, hearts, hopes, and minds,

a quirky emotional bagatelle.

A city of light, a city of dark.


Two towns, two faces, split sights

hybrid and hypocritical.

Oblique cliques not challenged,

not connected, never convinced.

A city old, a city new.


Crafted culture, chilling charms

Weaving, wandering, wishing.

Gardens, greens, links, and lawns,

solid symbols courts and courtyards

A city of stories, a city of wit.


Rigid raw rhythms, wreck and rant,

creating claustrophobia and cramp.

Daring dreamers stalk and mock

Pushing wearing wearisome,

A city of festivals, city of flight.

Banks and books, biscuits and beer

A contrasting cocktail of commerce and cheer

Character forming, character facing,

cold creative, clear and clannish.

A city of words a city of wisdom.


Original Poem by Julie Thomason